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A Book Review Ordering Your Private World Gordon MacDonald
This book starts with an account of MacDonald’s childhood on through adulthood to his thirties where he received a great revelation.   He sort of went through life sort of irresponsibly not really caring about the consequences of his actions.  By age thirty he was a young pastor who was very busy in his ministry.  He was very gifted and knew how to socialize and mingle with others and could be very popular and successful in the church world.  He liked to please everyone and didn’t know how to say no.  He had accumulated what he called “busyness”.  He described this busyness as feeling like someone who was being swept along a raging river.  Out of control.  Fearful of capsizing.   On one particular Saturday morning he had no time to eat breakfast with his wife and young children nor had he spent any quality time with them either; for his calendar was filled with meeting the needs of others.  As he started to rush out the door …

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