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A Book Review

Faithful Finance 10 Secrets to move from Fearful Insecurity to Confident Control By Emily G. Stroud MBA, CFA
The author wrote her book in a style that puts one at ease as she often refers to the reader as friend.  She provides fundamental information on being good stewards of one’s financial blessings.  Her point of view is one of a Christian or biblical view along with financial basics.  Each chapter is introduced with a scripture included to drive home her point.  She uses anecdotal stories of which some are personal to give examples of the material covered.  Also included are budget sheets and other resources and suggestions that will aid the reader in their own quest to become a good steward of their finances.  
I found that some of the information concerning Term Life Insurance was incorrect and that 35 year Term insurance is offered by some companies. However, this is still a fundamentally sound guide to get one started in the direction of financial stewardship.

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