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A Book Review

In The Middle of the Mess

Strength For This Beautiful, Broken Life


Sheila Walsh

This book is the account of the author’s broken life that depicts a very vivid and confusing account of her life dealing with clinical depression untreated to treated, secrets from childhood, false beliefs of one’s self and doubts, fear, suicidal thoughts and more.  The book also shows the uncertainty of whether or not God is present when you’re in the darkest place of depression and not knowing how to be freed from the cellar deep in your soul.
From childhood she blamed herself for her father’s death.  Suffering with panic attacks of which she never shared with anyone; even to the point of being an adult before she finally spoke of it. She was performing as a world renowned gospel recording artist, an Evangelist teaching others the good news and to trust the risen Savior all the while she did not trust Him.  She did not trust Him with her darkest secrets that tormented her; with the fact that H…

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